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Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Very Definition of RESIN

Man what a sticky job!  I LOVE how the mock up of the floor is turning out...but wow.  

Teddy Bears Picnic
Photo courtesy of leww_pics via Flickr
I feel like a bear at a honey convention!

I have decided my project fully fits both of the definitions of "resin".

Definitions please? 

1. a yellow or brown sticky substance that comes from some trees and that is used to make various products
2. an artificial substance that is similar to natural resins and that is used to make plastics

The FIRST definition is my experience with resin.  

The second is what I am working with! 

But NOW boys and girls, 

it is time to report on the progress of my resin floor cast!  

Immediately after pouring the last coat.
Lessons Learned...make sure there are no HOLES in the sides of your mold!

Continuing from the point of having done the first pour of resin into the mock up mold I made from plywood and Foam Core, I've ended up making a total of four shallow pours to get to the point that I am right now....I am waiting for the entire thing to dry at this point...

I have decided to quit pouring on the mock up now, as I am fairly confident I can make this work, and that I know what my "sticky" points will be...which was the point of this first pour.  The resin is quite I don't want to continue to "pour money down the drain"! 

Adding the Transparent Resin Dye
I used approximately 5 drops in the final layer

The major difference between what I had done on the first pour, and what I did on subsequent pours, is that I began to play with the transparent dyes...adding a bit of color at first, and adding more in subsequent pours.  

Determining how much color to add was the major reason I did the mockup...I did not know how the color would work with the resin, whether or not it would obscure the items beneath, or if it would be fully transparent.  

Mock Up Resin Floor after about 10 hours...color is holding up well.

Happily, the resin remains very transparent, and the mock up approaches what I had hoped for in the final version. 

I waited approximately 2 hours between this process has been a slow (and yes...sticky!) one.  After a couple of hours the resin dries to a somewhat jello-like state, at which point it is ready for the next pour.   The package recommends that no deeper than 1/4 in. pours be laid at a time, to ensure "faster" drying... 

[Its been about 10 hours so far...!  The resin is sticky, but not fully dried 
yet.!  Don't tell anyone, but that is not fast!!!]   

Well, I'll leave you with that for the moment...I'll continue to wait for this to dry...and I'll have to buy MORE resin....sigh.  BUT...I love how this mock up is turning out, and am encouraged about the outcome of the final floor.  

Have a great day!

Doug S


  1. Hello Doug,
    In the pictures it looks just beautiful! What an amazing shine the surface has. I cannot wait to see the real floor finished.
    Big hug,

    1. Me too! This floor has been a LONG project! I had no idea what I was into until it was much too late to change plans! I think the floor will be remarkable when well worth the effort..but if I had known then what I know now...... !!


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