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Saturday, August 9, 2014

My Never Ending Story

Well folks!

I continue to work on that never ending project of creating a resin floor for my entry.  I get closer and closer, but you would never know it by the visual progress!

Everything is finally glued down!

You see the floor above in the mold I made out of 1/4 inch plywood and Foam Core board.   I spent much of the day yesterday and this morning adding detail to the the form of very, very, very small watch parts.  Visually, in the photos, while you can see some of the changes, it doesn't hold a candle to the real thing.  

Those little tiny detailed parts added so much to the look. 

Considerable added detail made up of the tiniest parts...
I had to hold most of them with a tweezer!

I am ready now to pour...everything is attached in it's permanent spot, for good or ill!

This is the part I am just not sure how to ensure it works...I could lose all of my work if it doesn't!  And regardless of appearances, this has been a LOT of work!

To help manage my fears there, I have made a mock up mold that is about half of the full Entry floor, with the idea of testing out the pour.  I will be working with that prior to actually adding resin to the floor above. 

The Mock Up Mold...I'll make my mistakes on this one!

However, this project is officially on hold now, as I have to purchase the resin...the clear resin that I want to use in this project is rather hefty in I have to wait until next week to purchase that...I've already tapped out my budgeted allotment for minis this pay period! 

Here is why....

I found it...I didn't MEAN to find it...but I did. 

The colors are perfect!

I stumbled across this tile at Lowe's Hardware...looking for other stuff...and immediately thought...Exterior Stone!  This is one of those purchases that was planned...but unplanned.  I had intended to use an extremely similar look for the exterior of the Chateau, but was thinking I would have to make it....but when opportunity knocks!  You jump.  

the TEXTURE is better!

I've been collecting this tile now for several weeks...a little at a is much too expensive!!  But when opportunity....yeah... well... 

I have now spent my wad on tile for a future project, which means I get to wait a bit on the current one!  Sometimes it is worth it to sacrifice!

You folks have a great day!

Doug S


  1. Hello Doug,
    The floor will be terrific! I can't wait to see the resin go in! As for the tile, it is the type of thing you would have regretted had you not purchased it, so I say good for you! It is beautiful.
    Big hug,

    1. Hey Giac,

      I can't wait for the resin to go in either! It will be the culmination of a very long, detailed project. But I am excited for the outcome!


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