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Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Philosophy of Curves

Hi folks!  

Today is a light day for blogging!  I have to work on the house!  I haven't done a thing on it since I started this blog.  Obviously, I am going to have to slow down soon...let me tell you I am sure I will!  But I just have so much I want to say!  

I found this video several years ago, and I absolutely love it.  I told you I love curves!  What I like about the video is that it presents so beautifully one of the more important principles in design...the golden triangle or golden mean.   And it does it without all that horrid math stuff!  If you like that math stuff then I really don't understand you! then you can follow the two links above and learn the mathematic principles behind the golden mean.

I am sharing it because it is something I pay close attention to as I design.  After the design concept of balance, I think it is about the most important design principle there is.  If you have ever built your miniatures and wondered why they just don't quite look right...this is probably the culprit!  

I used it as I thought about the stairways, the placement of doors and windows, the proportion of each window, even the length and width of the house itself.   

I thought you might enjoy the video, and since I think it is truly the "secret" to that quality we call elegance...I thought it worth sharing.  

That's all folks!  Enjoy the video!

Doug S

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