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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Bits and Pieces

Hello folks!  I sure hope you all are getting some of the BEAUTIFUL weather we are having  here in the Puget Sound!  We've got sun.  We've got summer breezes. We've got 70 + degree F weather! Who could ask for more!

There is nothing more beautiful than Seattle in the Sun.  "The Bluest Skies You've Ever Seen Are in Seattle"!  

Needless to say, I'm working only a few minutes at a time nowadays!   But I am making progress, day by day, and am finally beginning to visualize the next phase of my project and working out the bugs.  Today though, I give you bits and pieces...!   I am in the process of trying to create an interesting and Steampunk - eee facade for the Manor.  

I've had these two pics set aside for some time.  Since the underpinnings of what I am working on are a bit mundane, I thought I would give you glimpses of things to come in order to whet your appetite and so that you won't think that I've dropped off the face of the earth!

First, a wonderful 3D Graphics painting from the Internet created by Jim Fiscus. This digital image spoke to me the moment I saw it, and I knew that it was going to inform part of what I did on the facade.  It is an exciting and interesting image, and provides a number of ideas I will rework and include in my facade.

Here is another photo I love.  This is actually of a window, also found on the Internet,  This beautifully imposing set of doors captures the ornate sense of drama that I wanted for the Entrance Door for the Manor.

I do have several other photos I am using for reference, but these two are the two that are the forming the major inspiration for what I am doing with the Entrance.

Now for the bits and pieces!  These are some of the major ingredients that will go into the facade...but there are many more!  :0) 

An old plastic jewelry box

First, my daughters jewelry box.  She recently tried to give it to Charity,and I rescued it and put it in my stash.  I know.  Selfish.  But as you know, this has become a staple item for me!

An 8x10 Frame

A Picture Frame from Goodwill...  

A casting of a cabinet pull

A Cabinet Pull from Hobby Lobby... 

Isn't this gorgeous tile?  Metallic and all shades of brown and gold.

Enameled ceramic tile from Home Depot...  

You will not recognize this Glass Tile when I am done!

Glass tile from Lowe's Home Center...

Fell in Love...Steampunk...Yes? 

And a Jewelry finding of a Leopard's head from Hobby Lobby... 

The Mundane Part!

I've spent the last several weeks working my way through this.  You know how you get an idea...and  your mind "finds" the "right" thing over time...well, I have become a "finder".  But now I am getting very excited about the possibilities!

Concept drawing of a Steampunk Boiler

As a parting shot, let me also share with you another project that is "in work".   This is a Steampunk Boiler that I dreamed up.  This is also in the finding stage...I am sure the final product will be quite different, as concept drawings are nothing MORE than concepts, but I am a interested to see if I can carry this one off!  

Hope there is enough here to capture your imagination...Mine is going wild! 

Until next time.

Doug S