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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

On the Move

Hi folks!  It has been a bit too long since I posted!  And when I do, I post about something NOT mini related.  I hope you can abide a short detour.

I must offer an excuse, you know...maybe two or three.

In October 2015, I began working on our current home, getting it ready for sale.  I didn't know what I had started when I began!  What I thought would take me about 3 months of work took me 7.  Why am I surprised?  I am slow at about everything, so I should have known.

Goodbye Everett!  (Our Old Town home on the left.)

BUT, our sale closed this week, and we are 8 days away or so from closing on our new home.  I thought I would share the reason for my delinquency in posting.  Its been a long road, but we are finally there...(I think!).

At the moment, we are homeless...sort of.  We are still in the old home because our buyers were gracious enough to allow us to stay until the end of the month...avoiding weeks in a hotel or in our relatives home. Both we and the relatives, I am sure, are very happy about that!

Here are a few pictures of the new is larger and truly beautiful...totally turn key.  So I feel very blessed!

Here is the front of our new home...

We walk into the Living Room and Dining Area - Vaulted Ceilings!

A New Gourmet Kitchen...

And Best of All!  The soon to be mini room!

I am looking forward to getting back in the saddle...I miss working on the mini house!

Oh..and those other excuses.  Old computer dies...Doug buys cheap Chromebook to get by...  It took me six months to figure out how to save a photo because the Explorer folders were well hidden.  And gee....  I have been busy!  

Thanks for your patience!  I will be posting again some time [relatively!] soon.

Miss touching base with you all!

Doug S


The above was written at the end of May!  Obviously, I am still challenged in regard to posting!  

We have been in the new home now for 2 and one half months.  It is wonderful! I still have MUCH to do to get things all put away, but most of the important things are unpacked and [er hemmm] "arranged".  [That means they have been stuck somewhere out of the way for later sorting!]

Since the above was written the "miniatures room" has moved.  Until a week or two ago, the "miniatures room" was really a pile of junk.  But over the last two weeks or so I have been able to sort through it all and now have just a messy room. Little steps. 

Things are finally beginning to settle enough that I "think" about working on my mini project again now.  Operative word?  "Think".   Every time I go near the room I see more to do that MUST be done now.  Not Later.  And so my project languishes.  Not for much longer though!  

I also haven't really been on the computer for any time at all since May.  So I haven't been reading blogs either... so I have a lot of catching up to do!  

I look forward to continuing my project and being able to share that with you all.  And I look forward to catching up with your projects again!  

Talk to you soon!