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Monday, January 12, 2015

Sink Update and a Puzzle

Very, very short post (for me anyway!).  I told folks I would post any updates to the sink texture.  I did make a few minor adjustments, so have to honor my commitment!

Remember I felt that the textured sides of the sink, especially on the end pictured above, felt a little too uniform, and not quite realistic yet.  So I took a fan brush, dipped it in acrylic paints with (wait for it . . .) floating medium, and dry brushed in a few lines in a more squiggly profile, and magic happened.  If you look VERY closely, you can see the exact brush strokes I made.  Basically a sideways S.  It made all the difference.

I did a very similar thing to the long side as well, and you can see that the variation is greater, and a bit more realistic.  I am happier with it anyway.  It may make absolutely NO difference to you!

Since I really CANNOT post THAT short an entry, I thought I would leave a bit of a cliff  hanger for you.  A hint about my "NEXT PROJECT".   Here are the base forms I will be using, if all goes according to my current plan.

Some Clear Plastic Packaging


Contact packaging!  
(FREE advertising for my optometrist!  He is very good!)

What would YOU make from these two items for a kitchen?  

I'll give you an open book to help you guess what I am making.  You can go to the post here to see what was going to be in the kitchen.  It IS one of those items in the list at the bottom of the post.  A second hint:  It goes in the corner by the door and window at the back left side.  (You see I am leaving this WIDE open, don't you?  Those are a couple of rather OBVIOUS clues, now.) 

With your guess, if you'd like, tell me what you might use to make the item!  I would love to see how everyone thinks, and see how differently we might attack the problem.  

Yes, I know it is unfair.  You have to guess before you can tell me how you would make the item, but since it is my blog, I guess I have to set the rules, huh?  :0) 

Looking forward to seeing how you might approach making whatever item you think it is!   


  1. Hi Doug! Short blog post.....hmmmm ;O, but.....the result is very good :D!!
    Clear Plastic Packaging and Contact packaging=....? Maybe your dish rack with (dinner)plates? Oh, I don't know, but I think we'll see what you are coming up with.
    Kind regards, ilona

    1. Illona! You have now joined the large contingent of those who know me who have called me long winded! Thanks for the guess! And you are right! I am quite sure you will (eventually) see what I am coming up with. :0)

  2. Oooo Doug, Doug, Doug, why are you doing this to me...... At a wild guess, I'd say you could be making another sink, possibly, just in a different manner....mmmm, using the smooth plastic for the sink and the box as the 'bed' for it....I don't know (and I don't like not knowing LOL). So glad you're happy with the finish on your stone sink. When you look at something you make and it makes you smile....then it's a good job done well!
    All the best

    1. Hi Vivian,

      Why I guess my only answer to your question is because I can? I'd better be careful in the future I guess! That answer wouldn't stand up in court, now would it?!

      I'm still cogitating to be truthful! I know what I am making, I know "how" I am starting, but not quite there on all those techniques. They are still escaping me, so the above was a bald fishing attempt for ideas. :0)

      Have a great day Vivian!


  3. Hello Doug,
    It is those tiny little details that make your work what it is! The sink is terrific...speaking of sinks, my guess is you're making another one for the scullery, a clean sink perhaps.
    Big hug,

    1. Hi Giac! Welcome back, I am sure I am not alone in saying that all of us bloggers missed your comments! :0) And no worries about the "short posts", I am just happy that you are sharing your thoughts with each post. The comments from each of you are about the only feedback I get at the moment, except for family, so it is a window into what is working (and what may not be!). I like having that, and value all of the comments greatly.

      As far as the "next project" goes, I am close to the reveal. I have a bit more work, and a "change in plans" (yes again), to reveal. :0)

      Thanks Giac, and a warm, sincere welcome back!



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