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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Well......I woke up this morning

Oh what a mess!

I woke up at 4:45 AM this hour later than usual, darn it all, and opened the door to my on suite bathroom.  I KNEW something was wrong when I felt very hot, very moist air hit me through the crack of the door.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Yep.  Something was very wrong.  Water an inch deep over the entire floor!  Water running (luckily somewhat slowly!) in the sink. 

Sink...wouldn't you know it...stopped up!  Sheesh! 

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

So I'm standing in my skivvies, mad thoughts running through my head.  First, "It is obvious what happened! Someone left the sink running when she went to bed last night!"   (and that someone was not ME!) 

Next thought...  "What am am I going to do about this..."!  

Third thought:  "Well, I better clean it all up".  

Fourth thought:  "Should I wake her?" 

"Fifth thought:  "Oh NO!  I wonder if it is dripping downstairs?!!!".

So I go running in my skivvies down the stairs...and it is literally raining in our house.  The dining room table..mind you...THE DINING ROOM TABLE! covered with water.  

My prized creation!!!

You know the funniest thing about this?  Only minor splashes against the side wall of the Entry...only outside damage, and minor at that.  

Well, I DID say I love curves, didn't I?  

However, there is a nice little bow in the wall on that not sure if I will have to rebuild it or whether I can reclaim it.  A good thing I have more of that wallpaper!

Of course, the table was a mess from the night before, so I spent the next thirty minutes drying off all of my tools, trinkets, etc.  But I actually feel pretty fortunate!  I don't have to start over least on THAT house.  

I do wonder whether I will have to remodel my bathroom and ceilings...water running through the ceiling fan, vents, and directly out of the ceiling.  I may be working on my BIG house for a few months. 

What worries me more, our bathroom wall shares a wall with a neighbor...Am I going to remodel their house too?     Oh, the painful vision... Shudder....

Image Courtesy of H. Michael Miley via Flickr

Well, nothing for it but to call someone...(WHO do you call when something like this happens!??) and have them assess the damage.  

I didn't wake my wife.  I figured there is nothing she can do...I don't need comfort...I probably just need money.  HA. 

Well, this was not a post about miniatures, I guess, except a near miss. But this HELPS, you see...Now I just need to breathe...

I am guessing we stay home from church today and call "someone".

On a much happier note, I want to welcome Giac, from Late Victorian English Manor as my fourth follower! Giac, I cut my teeth on your blog...yours was the first I read clear through.  You were one of those that helped inspire my beginning this project.  Loved your blog, love your house...glad to have you on board. 

Well off to work on the house...not sure which one yet!

Until next time!

Doug S

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  1. Hello Doug,
    I am SO happy there was not more damage done to your projects. What a disaster! I do hope damage will be minimal and easy to take care of. Thank you for your kind words. I am happy my minis inspired you and I am very excited about following your work. I love steampunk when it is well done and I think your work is going to be a terrific interpretation of it.
    Big hug,


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