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Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Good Traveler

I've said before that I make plans but I don't plan....I thought that in the context of this post, it might be prudent to explain myself!  I am a planner from the word go....but the quote below is exactly the way I think of planning.

A good traveler has no fixed plans,
 and is not intent on arriving.

I have a vision, an end state, that I want to accomplish. However, I am very open about how I get there, what paths I take, and what methods will provide the best solution.  So I express my vision, make plans to get there, and change them when they serve the greater vision.

Image Courtesy of Wallpaper Trade

So my "vision" is all about the "feel" of this house...I want it to be elegant, have the Steampunk vibe, feel  aged, obtain that thing we call realism, and it must connect with those who are viewing it.  I have a floor plan, I have some thoughts about how to obtain the vibe that I want, and some exciting methods I want to try to get there.  And I have a LOT to learn!

The Travel Plan

Here is the plan, as it stands today!  The Chateau will have a total of 14 rooms...that is mansion sized isn't it?

First Floor Modules - Kitchens, Entry, and Grand Parlor

On the ground floor, to the left, is going to be the scullery and butlers pantry in the back and a kitchen in the front.  All three kitchen areas will be treated as an old fashioned 1870-1880 kitchen...of course with the "vibe" added.  You already know about the center module, which will be the entry.  The right module will be the grand parlor, and will have a floor at two different levels if I can pull that off.

Second Floor Modules, Morning Room, Dining Room, Hallway, and Couples Bedroom

Moving to the second floor, in the left module will be two rooms, a morning room and a dining room, each filling half of the module.  As you know already, the middle module will be the main hall, and the right module will be the main bedroom, to be outfitted for the Mr. and Mrs.

Third Floor plans - Left to Right - Bath, Bedroom, Library, Bedroom and Sitting Room

The third floor will contain a bath and bedroom in the left module and a library in the center module.  The right module on the third floor is intended to become a third bedroom, with a potential sitting room.   I have not absolutely decided on the sitting room...I had some other thoughts as well, but for now, it is being declared the sitting room.

Soon to become a mansard roof

The third floor exterior will be a mansard roof with a decorative base. Box windows as  you can see above, will be all along the face of the roof.

Just one more photo that may give you a sense of the general air I want to create within the project.

Some of the fabrics gathered for the manse

This is a shot of some of the fabrics I have gathered.  These came from Pacific Fabrics...a store dedicated entirely to a beautiful range of fabrics...these are their "Fat Packs" intended for quilting.  They will be used for both window dressing and furniture coverings...all yet to be fully defined.

I felt a little foolish while shopping for these fabrics...  As the only representative of the male gender present within the store, I did feel a bit like running like a scared deer, but I managed to keep an appropriate decorum in spite of it.

Lastly, I'll share just a couple of key ideas that are informing my work to date.

I plan to add to the roof, which will slope up to the third floor, and then slope at a shallower rise to create a U-shaped wall around a platform on the center module (overlapping onto both right and left modules).  This will be an outdoor pavilion on the roof...I mean these folks have it good!  I've not quite completed my thoughts about how that will come off, so this is the most likely element to change...but I think I can pull that off, and if I can, I think it will be an outstanding feature.

Another key thought I'll share is that I do plan to help these folks move in in style, and the entire final scene is going to be centered around a wedding party getting ready for their wedding events.   I have a number of fun ideas about how to bring that to fruition too, and I think there will be lots of opportunity for that "connection" I hope to create in the end.

Those of you who choose to ride along will follow me along the journey from the current state to what I hope will be a fun, light-hearted, yet very elegant scene.

This was fun to share...I hope you've enjoyed the glimpse into the future!

Have a great day!

Doug S


  1. Hello Doug,
    Yes, I think that qualifies as a mansion. The plans are terrific. I like the way you positioned out the rooms on each level and I must say I LOVE the corridor on the second floor. Seeing those fabrics I think the mansion will be wonderful and I think the wedding day setting will be perfect.
    I am thoroughly enjoying following your journey!
    Big hug,

    1. Hey Giac! I am so glad you are enjoying the journey! I expect there will be quite a few "incidents" along the way. I am excited about where everything is headed...with the appropriate level of trepidation about my ability to carry it all off!


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