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Monday, April 20, 2015

Setting a Firm Foundation

Hello folks!

I find it amazing how even in miniature, certain things must be present in order to create any realism. This addition of a foundation to the front of the manor,  more than anything I've done to date, began to bring to me that sense of realism and architectural harmony that I have been excited about creating. It feels to me like finally beginning to turn the corner from building something to creating "art".

I am not anywhere near finished of course, most elements are not glued down which leaves some visible gaps, and I know I won't be gluing things together for some time.  This will of course lead me to scrambling for a box or two to put things away into, but it still feels great to have taken this step toward the finished product.  It is encouraging to see a "plan" start coming together. 

All of this philosophical discussion is about nothing more than beginning the build of some trim for the foundations of the manor.   Lots of fun in the garage, cutting tiny wood pieces, and a lot of glue, the final product months away, but still, I get a moment to get all choked up, right? 

Remember this picture?  This is what I started with, some real world, man sized (?) trim from Lowe's hardware.  

I've spent the weekend back and forth into the garage, (slamming the door every time in my haste, I'll confess) cutting the trim into small pieces. Each section of the foundation is made of three pieces of wood.  One backing piece of wood with two added pieces of molding. 

You can see that the larger molding was used as a base, to create something akin to a marble or cement foundation (the decision has not yet been made!), and the smaller trim (also purchased at Lowe's believe it or not!) became the upper trim.  Together, these created the sense of a strong, firm foundation. 

The Window Boxes themselves will have a decorative treatment that will extend the linear lines at the bottom to encompass the entire house, but already the sense of a firm foundation is established. Anything from here on in will just be strengthening that.  I am excited about where this is going. 

Together with the newly "completed" (far from it!) window boxes, I think the facade is taking on a strong presence.  I am excited to start doing things like adding the additional doors and windows, and cladding the exterior, but I will need to wait on some of that, since my goal is to complete the inside trims for the three modules so that I can attach them to one another.  

I will be doing some additional window and exterior work where it affects the decisions related to trim, so those are my next steps.  These things have to happen before I can finish the exterior, due to the modular nature of the house. 

I want to welcome some additional followers!  Thanks for joining with me on the journey to my Steampunk manor, with all it's ups and downs!  I look forward to getting to know you all!

Until next time!

Doug S


  1. Well Doug,
    Now that's what I call a solid and substantial foundation for a manor! I really love the moulding shape and the 'blocks' of granite or whatever you decide the base will be. The flowing lines of the top mouldings with the squares below are a lovely mix. Really looking forward to seeing progress on this.....mind you, I always look forward to the progress of your manor! :)
    All the best

    1. Thanks Vivian! I hope I figure it all out some day soon. :0) I have such definite ideas in some things,and others are just "impressions" that have to be worked through... this was one. Glad you like it, and as always, you are not the only one curious about what I will turn out! I am always waiting to see what happens myself!

      Thanks Vivian!

  2. I LOVE IT!!! The way that you have manufactured this foundation is Superb! It is such a simple design yet it carries a lot of visual weight and looks totally at home around your structure. Really Beautiful work Doug!:D


    1. Hi Elizabeth, When Doug is at the helm, simple is the order of the day! :0) I like the visual weight too, so am excited to finish it all up. However, I'm going to have to focus elsewhere so that I can finish! As usual, patience will be required!

      Have a great week!


  3. Hi Doug! This sturdy foundation is absolutely fantastic for your Manor and (just like Mrs. E. ;O) I like the inventive way you have manufactured this foundation. I'm curious to see how the end finishing will be: cement or marble :)! Well, we'll see, when the time is there :D! Great work!
    Wishing you a nice week.

    1. Hi Ilona! You do know curiosity killed the cat, right? Holding your breath for me to finish this very soon is a bit of a losing proposition! :0) Who knows, at this point, it may be metal or glass! Actually, I want to wait to let some of the rest of the facade develop before I commit to colors and textures...something I decided after telling Pepper I was obsessing about color. It was true, and I decided the decision didn't have to be made yet! How's that for solving a problem?

      Thanks for stopping by!


  4. Hello Doug,
    It looks perfect! The weight and heft of the foundation you created really ground the building which, even unfinished, can only be described as palatial!
    Well done my friend.
    Big hug,

    1. Hi Giac. In Real Estate, they call these homes "alligators"! Overdone and over developed for the neighborhood. Good thing this isn't "the real thing"! But I love it...and it "fits" with Steampunk, so I am going to continue happily overdoing it on just about everything. The only question is . . . can I do it with "Style"? We shall see!

      Thanks Giac!


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