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Monday, February 2, 2015

And Then There Were Two:
Deux Egouttoir!

Everyone needs two dish racks, don't you agree?  One for the fine plate and one for the everyday ware.  At least the Lightstone family felt that need.  Their dinner parties and grand events are legendary, and their need was great, so I went about coming up with a new variation on the lowly dish rack.  I hope to have pleased them with my new offering.

When I went about planning for the kitchens for the Steam-punk Manor, I really liked both versions of a dish rack, and ended up, as any good collector would, deciding to add both versions to my kitchen.  After all, I had two sinks, why not two plate racks?  I've linked to the photo that inspired me to create this rack for the Scullery.

This is a much more humble version of a plate rack, and much more utilitarian.  And much more used!  Years of water and general neglect have left this cabinet in a rather dilapidated state.  The once fine metal has rusted and grime has built up over the years.

This humble cabinet offers very little in the way of new things to highlight in regard to it's origin, so I have opted for a very short post!  I know!  You folks who get your coffee and apple strudel before reading my novels will be quite disappointed!  But there it is!

I promise I will be back with future novels for you!  Until then!

Be good!

Doug S


  1. Hello Doug,
    It is such an original and interesting design. Well done. It is a fun, unique touch to your scullery.
    Big hug,

    1. Thanks Giac. I really love the rack in real life. Like usual, that darn camera makes things so "stark"in appearance and it loses a bit in translation. I like the final look, as dilapidated as it is.



  2. Replies
    1. I LOVE YOU!
      I LOVE YOU!

      Wait, is that politically correct? :0)

      Thanks Elizabeth!


  3. Well, Doug, I'm now a bit disappointed.........I saw an update of your blog, took my coffee cup, went to the computer, to sit for awhile whilst reading your latest blog post, but..............this time there was not much to read :D LOL!! But I've seen your 'ordinary' dish rack, I think it's wonderful in all its simplicity. I'm a big fan of the aged and used look, as you probably will know, so I like this rack too.
    I know what you mean: it's big fun to make wonderful and rich miniatures, but also the more common. That's exactly my cup of tea, eh coffee (right now) ;)!
    Have a nice week!

    1. My dear Ilona, I regret to the deepest part of my soul my error in leaving such a short post! :0) You don't have to worry though. I have NEVER been accused of being brief...! You will soon have another novel delivered to your computer station at no charge.

      I do love the contrast between the old and the new. I have a Flickr account, and most of my favorites are those old, dilapidated buildings. Something about a beautiful building in ruin takes me into fantasy land I guess. Anyway, I do want to create that sort of feeling throughout the manor in the end, if I can manage it. Elegant age,with a few new twists. We'll see how that goes. For the moment, it really does seem beyond my skills! We'll trust those will grow with time.

      Thanks Illona, you have a great week too!


  4. Hi Doug,
    Why not have another plate rack? I just love the way you have aged gives everything a true realism which just adds to the whole feel in the kitchen. This was a short and concise post...but we all love the longer ones....
    All the best

    1. Well, Why Not Vivian! :0) I agree!

      I have some learnin' to do in regard to aging. But practice makes perfect! I do hope over time to create greater realism. It will take time, I think to fully realize what I see in my head.

      I am glad you like the longer posts, because like I told Ilona, that is what you are likely to get most of the time! I find it very hard to be brief. lol. I hope I am not "long winded", I like to think verbose and long winded are different things. It makes me feel better about myself!! :0)

      I promise the next post will be apple strudel worthy!




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