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Sunday, January 25, 2015

. . . But I Dream Things That Never Were, and Say Why Not?
George Bernard Shaw

Hi there folks! 

One year ago, on January 23rd,  I began the process of building the Steampunk Manor.  I spent some time today pulling out what I had done and getting it all set up just to see where I had landed so far.   My thought is that near the end of January every year, I will record progress with a post. 

A shot of the Grand Parlor . . . err . . .  our bedroom?  

Here is a shot of the Grand Parlor from the Exterior, and looking into our bedroom, where the house is stored when it is not being worked on.  Yes, those are my sweat pants laying on the bed.  No I did not really make my bed very well before taking the shot.  :0)   But I think the foreshortening makes for a very nice picture!

Grand Parlor

Here is the Grand Parlor shot in full.  Lots to do still!  I look forward to furnishing this room, and completing everything.  Nothing more so far than a few base colors!

Entry with Grand Staircase in progress

I have great plans for this Entry.  Nothing is complete in here, except the floor.  A LONG ways to go, but some exciting stuff to come, I think!

The Kitchen with a Surprise!

Just a bit of a reveal going on here!  Here is the Butlers Pantry, with a newly introduced item in work!  I'll post once I complete that, and share with you what it is. 

Exterior Shot

Here is the Exterior as it now stands.  Nothing too exciting going on quite yet.  But I think there is promise here. 

Interior Progress Shot

Interior with everything propped in and up.  :0)  Progress has mostly been toward ceilings, walls and floors for the ground floor to date. 

Closeup of the Oriel Windows

The Oriel Window on the Exterior in its partially completed state.   This is a feature I am excited about further developing.  It has so many possibilities!

Exterior from the side

I'm not sure you've seen the house from this angle before.  It may give you an idea of things to come!  I am excited for 2015, since by this time next year I should be well along on at least the ground floor!  2015 is the year that the Steampunk Manor turns a corner toward something "real". 

Something that never was before. Why Not?  :0) 

Its been a good year!  I have learned how to work with Foam Core Board, how to paint with Floating Medium, How to Carve, How to Work with Polymer Clay, and How to Inlay a Floor.  I have built 4 staircases, and three floors, built two sinks and gotten 3 ceilings started.  Oh, and built the the base for the house!  

Most importantly, I have made several new friends, whom I am enjoying building relationships with.  

Thank You to all of you who have contributed to my mini life so far!  It has been a wonderful experience!

Until next time!

Doug S


  1. Hi Doug! This is the first time that I have actually seen the entire house and also the scope of your work! I must say that this house is already looking Very Steam-punk and so I can only imagine what this year will bring. When you began listing all of the things that you have learned thus far, it got me to thinking in general, just how many skills we pick up along the way, when we involve ourselves in this hobby. You are certainly a Fast Learner! :D
    Thanks for the overview and for the quote from Shaw. I never knew where it originated, but I have always associated it with the Kennedys.


    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      I've said it before, the learning is the thing I love most about miniatures. I cannot foresee not having something to learn, and that pleases me immensely! This was one of the first things I discovered when I began looking into miniatures last year. I realized that there were just no limits! Well, I take that back. There is ONE. COST! you could spend a fortune on these miniature endeavors!

      I'm dallying in everything I can as one of my goals is to "discover" what miniatures I like most to create, so that I can narrow the focus (to a degree anyway) toward those things. But right now, it is all an open field to play in! One thing that helps (forces me to stay with!) that goal is having chosen Steam-punk as the genre. That means I just about have to invent everything if I want the overall look I am attempting to create. I look forward to finding out whether I will succeed! :0)

      Thanks Elizabeth!

  2. Hello Doug. Happy anniversary! I lookf orward to many more! Your project is coming along so got a lot done in 1 year. Yours is quite unique and wonderful and it is a privilege to follow your work and getting to know you. Keep up the fantastic've proven that you can figure out how to make something work, which means you can do anything.
    Big hug,

    1. Hello Giac, Yes, I do LOTS of figuring. And figuring. And figuring! But I love it.

      Thank You for your wonderful assessment of my project, it pleases me that you are enjoying watching the progress. I hope it provides you with as much pleasure as I have gotten through reading your blog. That would be just perfect.

      I am guessing that there will be SEVERAL more anniversaries! I had no idea I was taking on quite so much when I started. I guess all I can say for myself is "I dream big"! The test is whether or not I can live up to my dreams. With the help and encouragement of all of you, I am sure I will eventually get there!

      I am just so thankful I did not take on my ORIGINAL ideas. I'd die before I finished!

      Have a great day Giac!

  3. It's great to take a step back and review what you've achieved. You've come a long way in a relatively short time. I didn't realise how big the house was and I have to say I just LOVE those Oriel windows!

    1. Hi Pepper! I too did not "realize how big the house was", and I was the one that put together the plans! I've put myself right in the middle of a multi-year project, and had no concept of what that would mean. But I don't regret it, not at all. :0)

      I work mostly in the morning after I wake up. I get up very, very early (most would call it the middle of the night!) and have several uninterrupted hours much of the time. I do nearly all of my work in the morning. I do the really noisy stuff on Saturdays and Sundays so that I don't bring the neighbors wrath down upon me, though!

      I am glad you like the Oriel Windows. They are actually a lantern from Hobby Lobby, cut in half, turned upside down, and aged and gussied up a bit. I have a lot more gussying in mind, but it was not essential to the build at this time, so that all gets to wait until later!

      Best Wishes,


  4. Hi Doug, I can only echo what everyone else has said! I absolutely love the oriel windows....a simply stunning and integral part of the façade of your manor. It is amazing what you've achieved in only one year. My favourite picture is.. of the exterior and the interior.....can't pick's all wonderful :) I still feel privileged to see the progress of your steampunk is a unique and very grand build. The review is a great idea and wonderful to see.
    All the best

    1. Hi Vivian,

      Grand will someday be the word for the build, I hope. Right at the moment, the right word sometimes feels like "grandiose"! A little bit different connotation there! :0)

      I am glad you are enjoying the build. So am I! We'll see if you can pick a favorite over time. . . there is no hurry! I think there are several years to decide, in fact!

      I feel very privileged to have you, and everyone else who is following the blog, declared or undeclared along for the ride. It is so nice to be able to share this with others. My family enjoys seeing what I do, but definitely does not share the "mini-bug". In fact, my son sometimes looks at me like I have 5 heads, but when push comes to shove, he is always there to help!

      Thanks for stopping by!


  5. Hi Doug! Those Oriel windows on the facade..........woooow, I think they're stunning and beautiful work :D! These are such incredible details of this Underwater House, oh my, your house is really grand!! Okay, I know that I'm an echo of the others too, but I've looked at your pictures with big admiration for your work, as I also haven't seen before the whole house.
    About your new work in the Butlers Pantry....I've seen it ;)! As far as I can see it now, it looks great there above the new sink.
    The way your family looks at you.....ah well, I guess lots of us miniaturists will get the same look now and than, at least I get them too :D! They just can't understand why we have this hobby, but........I do know :D LOL!! I really hope you never won't give up this hobby, because you really do great miniature and inventive work, which you so generously share here at your blog, thank you!
    I wish you a nice week.

    1. Hello Ilona,

      I KNOW! You've already seen the "new" butler's pantry item! :0) But I'll probably still drag you through the details! It's what I do!

      It pleases me that you like the house so far, I look at it and see all the flaws! I guess we all do that to a degree. I don't plan at the moment to give up the hobby though, I find it too engaging, and it keeps me well occupied! I may never create a masterpiece, but I'll enjoy doing it anyway!

      My family is so supportive and wonderful, in spite of the fact that they wonder who I turned into sometimes. I did have to laugh at my mother's reaction. Her only comment was "My, what a project to take on!". And that is the last I've heard of it. So much left unsaid, but I know she loves me anyway! :0)

      Have a great week Illona!



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