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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mini Makeup Coverup!

Hi there folks!  

Thought I would share with you a few makeup tips!

As you know, I was a bit bothered by the gaps in my I took steps to cover them up!  I read about this technique somewhere on the Internet, (sorry, I don't remember where!) and thought it would work for me.
I'll start by showing you the final result!  I think it worked for the most part...I still have a bit of cover up to do, but things are looking up!

Very few gaps visible now!

Now here is what I started with!


Dramatic Difference No??

Just like in real to the rescue!  Amazing how much a little "covering up" can do!

I started by plying my wife for her old makeup...She didn't even look askance at me!  Scary that she has become so used to my unusual requests.

I used the brown in the photo above...sorry, not sophisticated enough with makeup to tell you what color!   (he says while looking nervously around the room).  I used a blunt ended paintbrush to push the makeup into the gaps throughout the floor.

The end result is gaps filled with a bit of makeup...they totally disappear, and become a part of the aged effect I will be adding to the floor before I am done.

In the photo above, you can see one of the "gaps" that is still is actually where I scored the copper covered paper accidentally, and the makeup won't cover that...but never fear!!  Copper leaf is here! I will touch those up with a bit of copper leaf, and I hope that they will also go away.

Once I finished giving the floor a once over with the brown makeup, I just used an old paper towel to brush away the excess.  Now I have a mess to clean up, but hey!  Who's complaining?

Here is the final shot of my gap free floor!  A little copper leaf, a little more aging, and a few finish coats of poly, and it will be exactly what it should be...a beautiful, aging Steampunk floor!  

Hope you find this great little technique useful in your future endeavors.  I really wish I knew where I read about this...I really ought to thank them!

As you can see in the photo above, I am working away at my "carved ceiling" as well...but that will have to wait for prime time! 

Until next time!

Doug S


  1. Hello Doug,
    I never tire of looking at this floor. Your work is just amazing and fantastic. The make up tricks are genius and make such a difference on the floor. The finished product looks like a real life, artist made floor...even in its unfinished state. I am really happy you are blogging about your work. It's a great pleasure to follow your precise work.
    Big hug,

    1. Hey Giac, Thank you for your wonderful comments...I don't know that I would go quite so far as you did! But I'll take it!

      I do wonder if I put too much up about the process....similar pictures fairly regularly...but, as I have said a couple of times. I am interested in helping show others how to get there. The blogosphere is filled with blogs that show you nothing but the final products, and I LOVE the blogs where I learn HOW they got there. So I am trying to show the whole process at least to a certain extent. Plus..if I waited on the final product, this would be a pretty sad little blog...I would NEVER post! lol

  2. Hi Doug,
    What a wonderful tip.....mind you, the ladies amongst us could tell you what a brilliant job a bit of make-up can do...:) Honestly, I never would have thought of it. I use polishing wax to press into any bits of gaps I'm not happy with, but the make-up angle is something I will have to try. This is what I love about blogging with like-minded people, the tips and hints are marvellous. Your floor is superb, and each little bit you do to it just makes it more special. Like Giac, I am so glad you started a blog to chart your progress on the chateau. Until the next time,
    All the best and take care

    1. Hi Vivian! Thank You too for your wonderful comments! Between the two of you (Giac and yourself), I am quite sure my head won't go through the door soon!

      I so enjoy reading the blogs of other "like minded people", as you call us... I too really love learning about how to get the most of our limited (at least one of us!) skill sets. And I love to see the many incredible hand made items that people come up amazing they are! I sometimes think the Internet is the new "artists loft" in our Internet age.

      I am so glad you are enjoying the blog...that makes me happy.

  3. Hi Doug! I think that this is such a Fantastic solution and I applaud you for being so creative in your trouble-shooting; as with Vivian, I would Never have thought of it either. Your floor design with all of the complex cuts and inlays, would not be anything that I would dare to try in the first place, however I greatly admire those that can do it as successfully as you have demonstrated.
    WoW!! :D

    p.s. I have tried to join your blog but for some reason, google won't let me, nevertheless, I shall keep trying until I do!

    1. Hey Elizabeth! Welcome!

      Thank You for stopping by and leaving your comments! You can blame Giac for the complex floor...I do! I've seen him do some beautiful floors, so Now I Must Have One. :0) I cursed him the whole way through it! (Not really! But it sounded good!)

      I actually really enjoyed the process...I don't know how soon I will tackle something like that again though...OK..that is a lie. I LOVE a good I am in the middle of the next one right now...with some Glorious Problems to solve!

      You are not the first to have problems with following...I think it must be on my end. I think I am going to have to add the "Followers" gadget, to see if that may be the problem. I used the Members one...and I think perhaps there was something I didn't know. I will try to get that fixed... somehow... what was that about loving a good challenge? Sheesh.

      Thanks so much for your visit!



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