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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Amazing Steampunk Clock!

I know...two posts in one WILL you ever keep up?

However, I HAD to show you something I stumbled across recently...It is too cool.

Since I am building a Steampunk themed miniature house, I have, of course, been following several blogs, pintrest accounts, and Google accounts which are Steampunk better place for inspiration than what others are already doing!

This came across on one of those streams...and it is something I want to share.  This incredibly amazing work just has to be shared!

Enjoy a couple of videos here which show the astronomical clock that Mark Frank has been working on since 2004!  You are in for a real treat!

Hope you enjoyed this! After all, it is "miniature" after a fashion, and I am totally floored by the craftsmanship this would take! Be back soon!

Doug S


  1. Hi Doug, Thank you for showing us these clips. I would never have seen anything like this otherwise. I am absolutely amazed how these functional clocks are so precise but have an elegance and delicate beauty long forgotten. Just stunning, I wouldn't mind something like that in my house.....miniature or RL :) I can fully understand how you could get so smitten with steampunk.
    All the best

    1. Isn't it wonderful! I couldn't stop myself from sharing this. It is so lovely, and the precision of the piece is mind bending. I cannot imagine the time and energy that went into this clock.

      I look at this as a call to action too. I get too impatient...I want RESULTs...and I end up short cutting what I might do if I were more patient. But look at what is sacrificed by just a little impatience! I will think twice about my next shortcut!

      Have a great evening!


  2. Hello Doug,
    that is awesome! I can't even imagine putting all that together...or even where to start. It is a real masterpiece of machineries. Thanks for sharing the great link.
    Big hug,

    1. Hi Giac,

      I hoped you all would enjoy that. I cannot believe the craftsmanship in that piece...did I say that before? Things like that deserve to be shared!

      Thanks my friend!



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