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Friday, October 3, 2014

A Spit and A Polish

Morning folks,

I have been working through the final steps toward finishing up the Steampunk floor dais for my Grand Parlor.  I know that as I install and attach the floor, I will be adding additional details, but the body of the work is now done.

Since I posted last, my major effort has been toward finishing the floor.  I have done some touch up, some additional filling of gaps, and the the obvious, adding the final finish to the floor.  What a dramatic change!  

As a first step, I wanted to bring out the grains in the wood, so I added stains to the floor using Minwax Wood Finish Stain Marking Pens.  For the Mahogany Veneers I used primarily Red Mahogany Stain, and for the Sapelle Veneer, I primarily used the Golden Oak Stain.  If you have never used these they are wonderful!  Just like coloring in preschool!  They are perfect for small projects such as minis. 

Once I had completed the staining, I still could see some small gaps that I didn't want I did some additional repair.  The Makeup treatment was perfect for the smaller gaps, but there were a couple of larger gaps that I felt needed more.  So I used some Minwax Wood Putty to fill those gaps. 

After the tiniest bit of touch up with copper paint here and there where my work had faded the copper paper, I added (you guessed it) Minwax High Gloss Polyurethane, which began to give the floor a real finished look. 

Being the perfectionist that I am, however, I felt the floor was much rougher than I wanted...this had to do with the veneers...some of them curled a tiny bit as they were applied, and the Sapelle veneer remained somewhat rough even after a lot of sanding.  

In addition, where I had placed the copper disk to the back left of the photo above, there was a very rough edge around the button I had used as the center, and it was really bugging me.  So I improvised, and put a jewelry finding in the center, which did a grand job of distracting the eye so that you don't see the roughness.

So to smooth out the final floor surface, I have put approximately 9 coats of poly on the floor, sanding every time with #0000 Steel Wool in between. The final floor is shiny and wonderful!  And overall, it is fairly smooth.  I imagine that I will put another two to three coats of poly on it to finalize it, but as you can see, the floor is looking fairly good!  I am reasonably  happy with the final result. 

I expect this to be the last you will see of the Parlor floor as the main topic of my posts!  I have really enjoyed putting this together, and I am looking forward to completing the ceilings, walls, and flooring of this room!   On to new adventures!

Until Next Time!

Doug S


  1. Good morning Doug,
    It was worth all your hard work! the floor, in fact the whole platform, is just stunning perfection. The final finish is superb and so elegant and rich. I am really blown away! the copper adds the perfect steampunk touch and works so well with the glossy wood. amazing work Doug! Keep it up.
    big hug,

    1. Thank You Giac! I am pleased that you like the floor. Thank You, as always for your magnificent comments! They mean so much to me.

      I've learned a lot doing this floor, and it has bee a fun project to complete. I DO look forward to the next one, where I hope to use all I have learned to do a better job!

      Thanks again Giac!


  2. Hi Doug,
    Your floor is stunning. I love it. You have really set yourself a very high standard for the rest of your chateau, you know! :) It has been a joy to watch your progress step by step and to now see the finished floor is really heartwarming. It is elegant, yet it has an edgy glamour to it. Well done...
    All the best

    1. Hi Vivian!

      I am so delighted that you have enjoyed following my progress. That is what these blogs are all about, isn't it!? To share our toils and troubles with those who understand the urge to create.

      What I love about your comment is the part about the floor having an edgy glamour"! That is so the Spirit of Steampunk...What I love most about the Steampunk aesthetic is that totally glamorous but totally unexpected vibe...your comment tells me what I am wanting to attain is coming across in the floor. THAT pleases me!

      Thanks again for all of your wonderful comments and for being "my follower"!

      Keep shining! :0)



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