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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Resin Casting Triumph!
[Or the Culmination of A Hard Won Battle!]

Welcome back folks!  I have such exciting news!  You will soon see the last of my resin casting trials...the battle is finally won!

I feel like I have climbed Mt. Everest...OK..maybe not quite that way...I'm not melting all over the floor due to my great exertion...but it feels GOOD to finally make this work!

Here is the product of my many travails.

 I doesn't look too much different than before from this angle....

But here is an angle that can help you appreciate the change!

I love the highlights created by the resin over the Steampunk gizmos.  The polished shine of the floor is exactly what I had hoped for when I began this "little" project.

I wish you could all see this in real life...It is much more dramatic than in these pictures!  The shine is mesmerizing, the whole piece sort of glows due to the deep color in the floor, and the depth created by the resin is so incredibly dramatic.

(I showed my wife, and she told me she wanted to hang it on the wall!   My response was somewhat disappointing to her.)    :0)


I do have a bit of adjusting to do, because my floor ended up being a bit thicker than I intended.  It is a full 1/2 inch thick...Good thing I have some room to maneuver in my 12 inch high Entry.  

I am going to have to build up the floor for both the kitchen and the grand parlor as well, in order to level the ground floor.  I may also have an issue with my stairway...I hope I don't have to take it apart to adjust...shiver.   I planned for 1/4 inch..but my Steampunk gizmos didn't cooperate!

I will make any adjustments happily if I must however... because I am so excited about the outcome of my little resin casting drama!

And now, for the long awaited "After" photos....

That's all for now!  I just wanted to share my excitement at getting this to work!  And in spite of my many complaints...I think I would do this again someday!

On to the next challenge!

Enjoy your day!

Doug S


  1. Hello Doug,
    Congratulations my friend. The floor turned out beautiful. It is spectacular and the reflective quality of the resin superb! I just love it.
    Big hug,

    1. Hi Giac,

      I am glad to be done with it... wow! What a project that turned out to be! But, as I am sure you can tell, I am really pleased with the outcome!


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